Costco Cancels Coconut Milk Sales After Company Uses Monkey Labor

  Costco is a popular warehouse store known for its bulk purchases of food products. However, contrary to the image that most of us have in our heads of consumers saving tons of money on their way to the checkout, Costco has actually been found to be one of the most expensive places to buy groceries. What many don't know is that they've also been a major distributor of monkey-manufactured coconut milk... For more info visit----  viral video

The Tallest People In The World (Dinka Tribe)

  How tall are the tallest people in the world? And who are they? In this article, I will tell you about Dinka Tribe, the tallest people in the world. You've probably heard about the Dinka People (or Dinka Tribe). They are the tallest people on earth. In fact, according to a study conducted in 2009, the men from this tribe have an average height of 6'4″ (1.93 meters) and the women just below six feet (1.83 meters). I know what you're thinking — what's so interesting about that? This height difference is actually due to genetics. The tribe itself is a massive group of over 2 million people living in South Sudan near the Nile. It is where we will be today… Be one of the first to watch our newest videos about Dinka Tribe ! Viral Video

Amazing Optical Illusions

  Optical illusions are anything that seems to contradict what our eyes, and brains, tell us we're seeing. Until one is studied, the effect is really quite extraordinary. There are all kinds of illusions, from simple ones based on viewing angles and shadows, to mind-boggling puzzles that will leave you scratching your head for ages. Illusions come in handy for all kinds of things, such as investigating potential security risks and confusing frogs, who also have eyes - as well as one apparently being used by an owl as a means of defence (although this is disputed). In this video, I take a look at some of the most amazing optical illusions out there, explaining what they are, what makes them so special, and why and how they happen.   I wanted to make a viral video about illusions for some time now. I'm really excited about this episode # breakingheadlinenewstoday

101 Facts about the Amazon Rainforest

  Amazon Rainforest Facts The Amazon Rainforest is the world's largest tropical rainforest, covering an area of 6.7 million square miles. The Amazon Rainforest is located in South America and covers most of Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia. The Amazon River flows through this rainforest and empties into the Atlantic Ocean. The forest has been called "the world's lungs" because it produces 20% of our oxygen. The Amazon rainforest also stores large amounts of carbon dioxide which helps to reduce global warming. It contains more than 1 billion trees! It is home to more than 3 million species of plants and animals - that's more than one-third of all known species on Earth! The rainforest also has more than 1.5 million indigenous people who depend on it for food and livelihood. In fact, the forest is so important that scientists say we should be calling it a "mega-diverse" ecosystem instead of a "rainforest". It

101 Facts about Wales

 101 Facts about Wales  Here are some fun facts about Wales! 1. Wales is a country in the United Kingdom, located on the island of Great Britain. 2. The Welsh language is spoken by around 20% of people in Wales and is one of the oldest languages in Europe. 3. The Welsh flag is called Y Ddraig Goch, which means "The Red Dragon." 4. Cardiff was named after a castle in Wales, but it's not the only city to be named after a castle—Chepstow and Caernarfon are both named for castles as well! 5. Wales has hundreds of castles across the country, including Conwy Castle and Caernarfon Castle, both UNESCO World Heritage! 6. The climate in Wales is cool, with lots of rain and snowfall in winter and a short summer season in late spring and early summer. 7. Stonehenge is located in England, but it was built by Neolithic people who lived on the Welsh coast thousands of years ago. 8. The national anthem for Wales is "Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau," which means "Land of our Fathers.&qu

Food is all you need! – Cyanide & Happiness Compilations

I started making Cyanide & Happiness compilations from the cartoon series in 2009 and have published over a hundred episodes since then. Some of my earliest work is part of the “Food is all you need” series. It's been almost ten years now that I've had this website, and while I've published several hundred viral videos and managed to keep this site running for this long, it hasn't always been easy. Watching an animation website grow into one of the most popular sites on the internet is impressive! However, it's still surreal to see how popular C&H has become. It’s a sad moment when you wake up and realize that the food you fell asleep on has gone cold. Sometimes food is consumed just because it tastes good. Other times, food is consumed in an attempt to justify your existence. You need food to survive so let's take a look at the fact that you'll probably die one day. Cyanide & Happiness? Sounds like a scary name. But don't worry, this is an

Beautiful Girl Tries to Choose the Best Boyfriend with Magic Cupids Kissing Tips -- AMAZING TALENT: A blog that goes over relationship and dating tips.

  How wonderful to love. It's the feeling that passes through all our lives, but do we really know the way a relationship should be? Let's watch an Amazing Girlfriend of a Boyfriend using something I call cupid's kiss. Don't miss this opportunity to get amazing information about how to choose your boyfriend wisely. Why do some people get good relationships and others don't? Whether it's your wife, or your girlfriend, seeing your girl kiss another guy can be an experience that drives the strongest of men crazy. If you see your girl kiss another guy, do not expect any reasonable result from it. As cliche as it is, you can't expect to keep a girl for long when she is kissing other guys. What could possibly be wrong with falling in love? If a person you don't like asks you out, say no. It's always better to be alone than to be stuck with someone who makes you unhappy. Vice versa, if are single and would like to go on a date with someone, try asking